When we look at our current world, we can see that there is a great deal of suffering. The exploitation of animals multiplies this suffering. As sentient beings, animals are as much a part of this world and ecosystem as we are. At this point in our evolutionary process, as humans, we are creating an erroneous pyramid ecosystem arrangement, declaring ourselves a superior species. However, neither are we a superior species, nor are animals inferior beings. Ecosystems operate in a circular order, and every species is a part of it. When we are not part of a hierarchical order, animals have rights just as much as humans, and when we are complicit in exploitation, we strip them of their most basic right: the right to life. The killing of a sheep is no less painful than the killing of a human. Veganism also opposes speciesism, which involves loving some species and eating others. All animals are equal and deserving of rights. Therefore, veganism is the most ethical choice for the brotherhood of all species.




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