As thinking beings, humans take steps today to save the future of our planet. One of the most significant steps we can take to secure the future of our world is undoubtedly becoming vegan. The reason why being vegan is one of the greatest steps to save the world's future is the depletion of our existing resources, with one of the leading causes being the livestock industry. The livestock industry not only harbors an enormous amount of suffering but also inflicts tremendous damage on nature through the resources it consumes to sustain itself. Research shows that plant-based sources have a significantly lower environmental impact and are much more sustainable compared to animal-based sources. Looking at a study conducted by Gazi University on this matter, we can see that, on average, it takes 1132 square meters of land and releases about 192 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment to produce one kilogram of animal protein, such as beef. In contrast, for one kilogram of plant-based protein, approximately 18 square meters of land are used, and an average of 7 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions is released*. It is evident that plant-based sources are a crucial choice for both the future of our world and our ethical values.