The opportunity to access healthcare services provided by experienced and successful doctors and healthcare personnel in health centres outfitted with advanced technology at much more convenient prices in Turkey compared to services provided in other countries at similar standards is the main factor that makes Turkey come prominent regarding health tourism.

High quality hospitals, expert healthcare personnel and professional work principles in Turkey make it possible for any kind of operation be it small scale or large scale to be realised without making the patient wait and on the time demanded by necessity.

Following the robust medicine education received at state and private universities of our country, Turkish doctors and healthcare personnel who constantly develop their treatment processes through following the progress and innovation of international medicine applications constitute a reason for preference for health tourists visiting our country from various regions of the world.

Both its climate and natural resources possessed make Turkey come even more prominent in health tourism branches such as thermal tourism and geriatric tourism, which are not possible to be carried out in all countries.

Strong and valuable tourism infrastructure possessed by different regions of our country make it possible for guests to rest and spend holiday at various environments ranging between sea tourism, thermal tourism, nature tourism and rural tourism. The high quality and service standards of the touristic facilities in our country and the cheerful and hospitable attitude welcoming visitors render all this diversity even more attractive for health tourists visiting from abroad.

  • No wait time for surgeries and other treatments
  • The presence of a service approach without compromising quality
  • Possessing cultural diversities in addition to high-quality services
  • Ease of accessibility
  • The opportunity for touristic travel filled with cultural assets in addition to healthcare services
  • Cuisine and cultural habits
  • Turkish hospitality
  • Accreditation organisations with quality certificates
  • High level of education for specialist doctors and healthcare personnel